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Postal service faces major fines

The Norwegian postal service, Posten, is suspected of using illegal methods in other to stop annoying competitors and the company is now facing major fines.

EFTA Surveillance Authority has used the last five days to collect potential evidence at Posten’s main office in Oslo. The investigators have particularly been looking for information regarding an alleged agreement between Posten and the grocery chains regarding the right to offer postal services in the stores, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

The Swedish transportation company Schenker Privpak claims that the agreement has prevented potential competitors’ entry into the Norwegian market.

According to CEO Fredrik Goldbeck-Löwe at Schenke Privpak, Posten’s agreements are most likely illegal, and they are doing everything they can to dissolve the agreements.

Privpak is already providing postal services in several stores in Sweden, competing against the national postal service.

If the investigators find evidence that Posten has breached the competition laws, the company is facing major fines. Merete Jebsen, head of information for the group and Østlandet i Posten, claims that the agreements with Hakonsgruppen, NorgesGruppen and several other grocery chains are according to the law.

«The agreements may have had an affect on competition, but we do not experience it as this prevents other postal services to build up their own network or to enter agreements with other partners,» Jebsen said.

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