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Foto: Geir Egil Skog (Nettavisen)

Princess Madeleine furious about poster

This is the pin-up poster that enraged the Swedish royals. "Princess Madeleine does not want to be a pin-up model", spokeswoman Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg at the Swedish palace told Aftonbladet.

The poster is printed in the last edition of magazine Slitz. The magazine has collected a number of paparazzi pictures of the Princess and put them together on a poster.

"One of my co-workers has spoken to the Princess about the poster and she does not like it", said Tarras-Wahlberg.

Magnus Norrman, head of the publisher, said he does not understand the reaction from the Swedish palace:

"We printed the poster in connection with a survey showing that 43 percent of Swedish men wanted to see more of the Princess. We think she is cute and find it odd that the palace reacts. All these pictures have been printed elsewhere before", Normann said.

Normann said the magazine had not received any reactions directly from the palace.

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