Private stockholders flee the burse

All of the new private stockowners who entered the Oslo Burse during the hay days of the late 1990s have now left the stock exchange.

26.04.04 12:37

There are now only 344,336 private stockholders on Oslo burse after another 3,805 investors disappeared during the first quarter, states numbers from VPS, adapted by AksjeNorge, according to the Norwegian financial paper Finansavisen.

The number was close to 380,000 in 2001.

During the first quarter disappeared among others Amersham and Raufoss from the burse lists. At the beginning of the year, Amersham had 5,450 Norwegian stockholders, while Raufoss had 1,700. New companies in the period are Yara, Opera and Catch.

«Unfortunately, the new companies have not managed to make up for the loss,» said John Peter Tollefsen, daily manager at AksjeNorge, to the paper.

Tollefsen said that many Norwegian companies still view small private stockholders as more trouble than they are worth.

He stated that the large Swedish company Ericsson has one million stockholders, while to two Norwegian companies with a lot of private stockholders, Statoil and Telenor, have 57,000 and 54,000 stockholders representatively.

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