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Professor predicts marriages using algebra

A mathematician claims to be able to predict which newly wed couples will get a happy marriage by using algebra.

Professor James Murray says that the formula he has developed has a 94 percent success rate when it comes to predicting whether or not a couple will stay married, according to the Daily Telegraph.


The formula was developed after the Professor studied 700 couples in the US over a period of 10 years. Murray works as a maths professor at the Washington University in Seattle and he presented his results at a conference in Dundee, Scotland on Thursday.

The experiment, which was assisted by a psychologist, included observing a couple for 15 minutes a short while after they got married.


The couple's ability to communicate in areas such as sex, raising children and economy was measured by giving points for positive signals such as smiles and touching, and negative points for bad signals such as rolling eyes, ridiculing the other person or coolness.

The numbers were put into two equations, one for the man and one for the woman. The couples were being tested every two years and the theory predicted almost 100 percent correctly which couples would stay together and which did not.

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