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Psychiatrist admits sex with patient

A 59-year-old psychiatry professor who is charged with sexual abuse of a female patient admits having had sex with the patient in his home on two occasions, but denies guilt.

"My client admits what happened and agrees it is beneath contempt, though he denies guilt", lawyer Erling Lyngtveit told VG.

Lyngtveit said the relationship between the woman and the Professor did not occur as a result of the psychiatric treatment but just like any relationship between two people.

It was the Norwegian Board of Health who reported the Professor to the police.

The alleged assault against the female middle-aged patient took place in June 1999. The Professor is charged with having gained access to unlawful sexual actions with a patient by misusing his position as a Doctor.

The Board of Health confiscated the Professor's license in February due to the complaints.

The decision will be appealed.

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