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(Foto: Fornemmelse for Mord, TV Norge)

Psychic pointed out suspect

Sist oppdatert:
Martina Ona, 26, was run over and left to die. Psychic Lena Ranehag (right) pointed out a named woman as a suspect, and the woman has now been called in for questioning.

Ona from Strømmen was hit and killed on road 120 at Romeriket in October of last year. The driver never turned himself or herself in.

Psychic Ranehag pointed out the person who she believes is responsible for Ona’s death on the program «Fornemmelse for mord», aired on the Norwegian television channel TVNorge Sunday.

Police officer Anders Mansaas at Fet and Rælingen police department said to the local paper Romerikes Blad that the person in question will be called in for questioning within a few days.

«I do not wish to place any judgment on the methods used in the program,» Mansaas said. «We got the name of the person in question Friday and she will now be called in for questioning. I do not wish to comment on who she is, where she lives, or what kind of car she drives.»

According to the paper, the police reportedly do not have any other reason for calling the woman in for questioning than what was stated at the television show.

Lawyer Sverre Næss is shocked that the police call in «a completely randomly selected woman» to questioning after the hit and run. Næss advises the woman not to show.

«This is completely off, and very embarrassing for the police,» Næss stated. «I can not understand anything else that this must be defamatory both by the psychic woman and TVNorge, even if the name was not broadcasted.»

This episode of the show had a record high viewing of 293,000 people, reported TVNorge.

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