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Psychologist supports Crown Princess's brother

Family psychologist Gry Stålsett Follesø will be a witness supporting Espen Høiby in the case against him. Høiby is charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend during a party last year.

The respected family psychologist Gry Stålsett Follesø is the daughter of Bishop Gunnar Stålsett, who wed Espen Høiby's sister, Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon.

The case against Høiby is scheduled to 18 August and Høiby risks a prison sentence if found guilty as charged. The incident happened between him and his girlfriend at the time at a party last year.

The public prosecutor thinks the violence happened against a defenceless person and that it resembled assault.

Psychologist Stålsett will be in court as a witness for the defence. She is an expert witness and as such has access to all the documents in the case.

Stålsett was picked as Høiby’s adviser in the case as she is already working as an adviser for the leaders of airline SAS, where Høiby is a respected pilot.

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