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Radical Islamic group behind terror threat

A radical Islamic group has threatened Norwegian interests in Latvia. The information was confirmed by the Norwegian and Latvian authorities.

The Norwegian embassy in Latvia’s capital in Riga was closed Monday due to concrete threats. Norwegian authorities did not wish to comment what the concrete threats were.

The Latvian Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed that threats have been issued by a radical Islamic group. The threats have reportedly been investigated for a week.

«I can not say which group, but it is a radical Islamic group,» said Krists Leiskalns, press officers at the Latvian Ministry of Home Affairs.

Received threats before
Norwegian businesses in Latvia have previously received threats and bomb attacks from the Latvian mafia.

Leiskalns said the threats this time have no connection to the mafia.

«No, not the mafia, this is about terrorism.»

Leiskalns stated last night to Latvian media that Norwegian security police, Estonian authorities and the US warned Latvia against terror actions from an Islamic group.

Bondevik informed
Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik has been informed of the threats.

«We have gotten concrete information and we decided that closing the embassy was the right thing to do,» said Bondevik to TV 2 Nyhetene.

Bondevik said t he did not want to comment if there is a general threat against Norwegian interests and Norwegians in Latvia, but stated that Norway has continues contact with the Latvian authorities.

The US warned American citizens in the Nordic and the Baltic region of possible terror attacks Monday.

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