Raging man came through the sunroof

A driver immediately locked all his doors when a raging driver came over to give him a piece of his mind in the middle of the freeway, but the poor guy had forgotten about the sunroof.

According to the local paper Fremover, the reason why the man was so furious was allegedly that he felt that the other driver had prevented his driving.

According to the way the police got the incident explained by the 20-year-old victim, the incident took place at E6 in Nordland, Norway, north of Rombaksbrua, Saturday afternoon.

«A man in his 20s reported that he had a car on his bumper,» said Kjell Arvid Andersen, at Midtre Hålogaland police district, to the paper. «He had been so close that when the 20-year-old had been forced to suddenly break, the car behind had to swing on to an off-ramp in order not to hit him.»

This allegedly provoked the man in the second car enormously. He therefore followed the first car, drove past and stopped. When the driver of the first car locked all doors of the car in order to prevent the infuriated driver from opening the doors, it did no help much, as the sunroof was still open. The infuriated man simply entered the car by the sunroof.

The case is now being investigated, according to the paper.

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