Rape survivor forced to live next door to violator

A defenceless woman suffering from multiple sclerosis was raped by a man at a care facility, and she is forced live right next door to the offender.

The woman’s siblings are reacting strongly to the fact that the violator still lives at the care facility in Tromsø. Trond Olsen, the woman’s brother, said he thinks it is unacceptable that the offender still lives at the facility. His 48-year-old sister is seriously ill and bound to a wheel chair.

Searched for her for two hours

When staff were going to collect the woman for dinner at 1 p.m. last Tuesday, she was not in her apartment. The staff looked for her for two hours, but it was not until they by chance walked into the room of the 30-year-old man next door that they found the woman.

The man had pulled the woman out of her wheel chair and was raping her. Two nurses arrived and stopped the assault, according to the local paper Nordlys.

Interim exclusion order

The violator was given a week long exclusion order yesterday, and he is not allowed to leave his apartment. If he does so, the staff has been ordered to call the police.

“This is not enough. This man needs professional help, and he should absolutely not live here among defenceless elderly and ill people. The man should be placed at a secured facility,” Olsen said.

He is aware of the fact that the violator has made unwanted sexual advances towards the staff at other care facilities where he has lived.

“It speaks for itself when no female employees go into the man alone. It is completely irresponsible to place this man at a place like this where he has the ability to assault the other residents. The local authorities must take action so that this man gets the treatment he needs,” demanded Olsen.

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