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Record high number of immigrants sent home

Almost 10,500 asylum seekers and other immigrants will be sent out of Norway this year, according to police calculations.

Assistant Chief of Police Sverre Monsen at the police’s immigration’s unit (PU) said to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten that this is possible the highest number ever. PU has informed Minister of Justice Odd Einar Dørum of the prognosis of deportations, but due to the EU expansion it is uncertain if the number actually can be reached. The actual number may be less than 8,000. Of these are 4,700 asylum seekers who are going to be sent from federal asylum centers.

The Norwegian government uses NOK 100 million (USD 14.7 million) on airline tickets in order to deport immigrants who do not wish to leave the country voluntarily.

For the time being, Serbs, Russians and Afghanis top the statistics of numbers of people sent out of the country. The Afghanis are sent back to the first country they applied for residency in after they left their home country.

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