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Regretting joker faces charges

Richard Ringheim regrets his plane wreck joke which ended up costing Hovedredningssentralen, the rescue centre, a six figured number. Ringheim will be prosecuted for the offence.

“He is rather “shaky” right now. He regrets what he did and is afraid of the consequences it may have since he is charge for many similar offences in the past,” stated Roar Vegsund, Ringheim’s lawyer to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Vegsund said Ringheim has presented an explanation of why he did what he did, but he does not want to repeat it in public.

Ringheim stated that he was in a small plane of the model Cessna 172, 4000 feet above sea level, approximately 35 minutes from Karmøy, and that he had a fire in the engine.

“A complaint has been filed for the offence and he will be called in for question as usual. The fact that he has been charged with several similar offences in the past will be taken into account if new charge is indicted,” said Agnar Austerheim, head of operation at Haugaland and Sunnhordaland police district to TV 2 Nettavisen.

The case will be transferred to Stavanger police district within the next couple of days.

High costs

The question now is who is going to pay for the costly joke.

“I do not wish to present a specific number, but a helicopter alone costs ten thousands of krone per hour. In addition, there were six ships which moved from A to Å several times, some which don’t normally do rescue work,” said Anders Bang-Andersen at Hovedredningssentralen at Sola to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Bang- Andersen is shocked that someone abused rescue services.

“When there is a distress signal at sea everyone close moves in to help, and this was definitely abused last night,” Bang-Andersen said.

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