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Researcher claims TV aids terrorists

A research assistant at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) claims television aids terrorist to create fear.

Research assistant Anders Romarheim at NUPI criticizes particularly the scenes where Kim Sun II begs for his life and the decapitation of Nicholas Berg, according to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet.

Romarheim claims international terrorism is almost impossible without mass media, and particularly television. Romarheim claims videos made by terrorists are a deliberate strategy, and when they are aired, basically unedited, the terrorists succeed with their strategy.

Worst is Al-Jazeera, but other channels can not hide behind the fact that the Arabian channel is the first to air the tapes, Romarheim states.

«We must not close our eyes for international terrorism, but mass media must all the same be aware so that they do not end up doing favors for the terrorists,» Romarheim said to the paper.

Kjell Øvre Helland, news editor in TV 2, disagree that terrorism gets access too easy. He argues that hostage situations are important occurrences and a part of greater political conflicts.

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