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Rivals claim Telenor cheats

Telenor’s competitors claim the company has abused potential costumers’ personal information in order to get them to change cell phone carrier.

Other cell phone companies claim Telenor has abused potential costumer’s personal information in order to convince them to change cell phone carriers, and they have now filed a complaint with the Data Inspectorate, according to the Norwegian television channel NRK.

The complaint is filed by NetCom, Tele2, Sense and Chess.

The sales representatives allegedly used information which they are not allowed to use when they asked the potential customers to change cell phone service.

The Data Inspectorate said Telenor may have to give up the customers it has signed on this fall if they have cheated to get customers from other companies.

Telenor denies that it has used information that was not legal to use.

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