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Robbers shot at the police

OSLO (TV 2 Nettavisen): The robbers, who Monday night took two employees at the Norwegian postal services hostages, and fired shots against the police, are still at large.

At least four masked and armed men entered Posten’s main terminal Monday night, took two hostages, shot at the police, and managed to escape with undisclosed amounts.

The police are still looking for two Audi’s which disappeared from Oslo S train station with blue lights after having fired shots at the police. The cars disappeared by a culvert between track one and two at the train station.


Two employees at Posten were taken as hostages and threatened at gun point when the masked men tried to get into the postal services main terminal located in Postgirobygget, close by Oslo S. The robbers allegedly ordered the hostages to direct the way, and the robbers managed to escape with an undisclosed amount.

According to Elisabeth Hegg Gjølme, head of information at Posten, one of the hostages was inflicted blows to the head, but the injuries were not discribed as serious.

About 120 people were at work at Posten when the drama started.

The two employees were questioned by the police Monday night.

Inger Elisabeth Sagedal, head of information at Oslo police district, did not want to disclose what the hostages revealed during the questioning.

Discovered by Securitas

The robbery was discovered by two Securitas guards, who informed the police as the robbers were escaping. The guards were also threatened at gun point and a shot was fired before the police was informed about the robbery at 11:40 p.m.

The police responded with all available personnel including the stand-by troop, K9 units and the police chopper.

Fired against the police

“Several shots were fired against the police, most likely with automatic weapons,” Segedal said to TV 2 Nettavisen just after midnight.

Shots were fired at several locations. Luckily no one was hurt in the drama.

“We are looking for five men, all of whom were wearing white pants, black and white jackets and black ski masks,” said Lars Erik Jarodd, head of operations at the police department to TV 2 Nettavisen last night.

Closed down

Oslo S train station was completely closed down in the hunt for the robbers. Armed police searched the terminal and all trains with passengers because they feared that the robbers might hide among the passengers. No trains came to or left the train station.

A police chopper circled the area for hours to light up the railway tracks where the police and dogs were searching for the robbers.

Furthermore, E18 was closed in both directions around Oslo S for about two hours. In addition, Festning and Ekeberg tunnels were closed for traffic as a security measure, but they were opened again at 1 a.m.

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