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Robbie Williams: "Princess Märtha is beautiful"

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Robbie Williams’ comment about how beautiful the Norwegian princess Märtha Loiuse is and how the British royalty looks like bulldogs, has not passed unnoticed back home.

He told fans i Oslo: “Your Royals look so good. Ours look like bulldogs.”

He said: “I met Princess Märtha yesterday. She is very beautiful. Pity she’s married.”

“But I guess that marriage won’t last long. I want to be Prince of Norway,” he added.

British press noted Williams’ fancy of the Norwegian princess, and his rejection of the British Royal family.

The Sun claims that Robbie has ‘plans’ of replacing Ari Behn as the princess’ husband, and the paper’s own comment is that the princess beauty is breathtaking.

The super star is taking a break before he takes off to Japan.

Remembers little

Williams launched his DVD version of “Live at Knebsworth” called “What We Did Last Summer.”

Märtha Louise, Ari Behn and their daughter Maud Angelica.
Märtha Louise, Ari Behn and their daughter Maud Angelica.

"It was such a scary experience that I remember very little,” Williams said, and the reason for that is not that he has fallen back to old alcohol and drug habits.

“It was a time when I didn’t think I’ll ever reach 30,” said the artist who is turning 30 in February.

Almost over

Williams admits that he is relieved that the tour is almost over this time around.

“I considered giving up ever day,” Williams said. “But I have also become very schizophrenic in such cases, one day I don’t want to play anymore, while the next I may suggest adding three more dates.”

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