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Rocco filmed drunken school girls

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Thomas «Rocco» Hansen filmed drunken high school seniors at a student party, and he will use the pictures in his new porn movie. Here are Rocco’s own pictures.

There was no lack of reactions when it became known that several high school senior girls were going to finance the parties celebrating the coming end of 13 years of schooling by participating in a porn film with porn actor Thomas Rocco Hansen.

These girls abandoned the project, but Rocco is making a film with high school seniors all the same.

Filmed student party
TV 2 Nettavisen has seen parts of the tape Rocco has recorded. The pictures are from a high school party in Trondheim where girls partly undress and show their breasts. Rocco autographed the crutch of several girls, and interviewed them about sex.

Drunken seniors gave the porn star much attention. He was hired in as an entertainment, and after his performance, he took his camera team with him and started filming.

When asked if the people he filmed were drunk, Rocco admitted that they were.

«Yes, they were probably just as drunk as I,» Rocco said.

However, he has no problem what so ever to use the pictures from the party in his new porn movie.

«I’m planning to use this in my movie,»Rocco said. «Everybody knew that I filmed for a porn movie, so it was rather obvious. This was not a hidden camera.»

Rocco is sure that there will be reactions.

Sex scenes in Bergen
The taping from the student party at Studentersamfunnet in Trondheim, where between 50 and 100 seniors were present, is only a part of the movie. No sex scenes were filmed there. However, according to Rocco, such scenes will be taped in Bergen next weekend.

«I think what is going to happen in Bergen is going to create even more reactions,» Rocco stated. «We are going to do the sex scenes. It will be a very public performance.»

He did not wish to comment it further, besides stating that high school senior are going to participate in the scenes. According to Rocco, a total of four high school senior girls are going to participate in the sex scenes.

«I also have some boys ready too, where I may bring in some ordinary porn stars,» Rocco explained.

He characterizes the movie as hard core porn, and he admits that it will be possible to recognize the seniors in the movie.

«But I’m going to try to hide them a little by putting on some sunglasses and stuff,» Rocco stated.

The plane is to launch the film on May 17, Norway’s national holiday. The name of the movie is «Rocco og russen,» and it will be about 90 minutes long. Considering the media attention the film has gotten, it will probably not become a flop.

Rocco said that he has only gotten positive reaction after the filming at the senior high school party became known.

«I thought this would be banned, but this has been completely crazy,» Rocco explained. «I love it. This is really, really fun.»

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