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«Rocknes» didn't follow the sea marks

«Rocknes» was not only loaded wrong, but data from the map machines onboard indicates that the ship did not follow the navigation guides through Vatlestraumen.

According to Norwegian paper Bergens Tidende, evidence from the reconstructed files from the map machines onboard the catastrophe ship indicate that it was not navigated according to the sea markings.

Specialists from Ibas AS were hired by the insurance companies Gard and Norwegian Hull Club to analyse the data. The ship’s positions were registered every 20 seconds due to the satellite based system GPS.

The result of the analysis was available two weeks ago.

The family of the deceased Captain Jan Aksel Juvik was not pleased with the report made by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate as it claims that the ship was loaded wrong, and the blame for the accident then lies with the captain. According to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, Eirik Juvik, son of the deceased, demands a full investigation.

«This is not going to remain undisputed,» Juvik said. «I count on and expect that there will be a thorough investigation by a commission. It is expected by all, except the people who are going to pay for it.»

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate’s report concluded that «Rocknes» was loaded too heavy compared to its ballast, and the material was not distributed according to the regulations.

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