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Roof blew off Think car

It was blowing hard Tuesday when Dag Andre Hoem was driving along in his beloved Think, an electrically powered car, when the roof suddenly flew off.

“I suddenly heard this massive crash, and there was a hard pull on the car. I had to look up, and it was then I discovered that the roof was gone. There is only a little piece next to the antenna left,” said Dag Andre Hoem to the paper Rogalands Avis.

He was on his way to check up on his sailboat because of the hard winds when the accident occurred on Rennesøy in Rogaland Tuesday.

Roof was glued on

Egil Selås, manager at a Fords workshop, said he has never seen a car roof blow off in the wind.

“No! On most cars it is not possible, however, on the Think cars the roof is glued on, but this is not supposed to happen all the same,” Selås explained.

Still pleased

Hoem has been the owner of a Think electrically powered car for almost three years, and he said he is very pleased with the environmentally friendly car.

“There are always some little things, but this is a little much,” Hoem said and smiles, happy that everything went well after all.

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