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Royal couple pray for victims

Queen Sonja of Norway was trying not to cry when she and King Harald met the press before the service at Oslo Cathedral Wednesday.

The royal couple said they paid close attention to the tragedy in South East Asia, and they were visible affected by the grave situation when they left the royal castle just before three thirty to attend a service at Oslo Cathedral Wednesday.

«It’s with dread that we follow what has happened,» said King Harald to TV 2. «It’s an unbelievable tragedy that has affected so many people. It is almost impossible to grasp. And there are so many Norwegians who have been affected by this. Our prayers go out to the Norwegians who have lost or are missing their loved ones. We hope that the people are located and families reunited.»

King Harald was asked if he had any recommendations of how to deal with this massive disaster.

«It’s not easy to give such recommendations to people, but I already think that Norway has reacted in a fine and very nice way by donating money to volunteer aid organizations, and I guess that is the only thing we can do as a country, by giving of our wealth and help as much as we can, with the means that we have. I guess that is all I have to say. We hope that everyone will show tolerance and support the people who need it the most.»

Queen Sonja was visible affected by the situation and was fighting not to cry.

«It hits you right in the heart,» Queen Sonja said. «It’s just terrible. It’s impossible to grasp. The entire world is so close.»

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