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Rudolph casts his shadow on the sun

It is almost Christmas, and Santa Claus must be working his crew hard. Recently a reindeer shadow was visible on the surface of the sun.

Just in the same way as you sometimes make out shapes in the clouds, such shapes can also be visible on the surface the sun. Peter Kuklok is a hobby astronomer from Germany noticed the shape of Rudolph the reindeer on the surface of the sun a couple of days ago.

What he saw was a so-called corona hole which happened to looked like Rudolph the reindeer or one of his relatives. Corona holes appear as dark areas in the corona, the sun’s warm atmosphere, when the sun is pictured in ultraviolet light and x-ray.

According to Paal Brekke at European Space Agency (ESA), such corona holes are normally connected to the pole areas on the sun, but in this phase of the sun’s cycle, they also occur closer to the sun’s equator.

But then again, the explanation may just be as simple as it is the shadow of one of Santa Claus’ reindeers as Father Christmas decided to start his deliveries early this year. Has Santa Claus been to your house yet?

This picture was taken by the satellite Soho, as the researchers in ESA and NASA enjoyed the picture so much that they selected it as this week’s picture.

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