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Ryanair rejects criticism of ads

In spite of the sharp criticism from the Norwegian Consumer Council for the company’s «free ad», Ryanair claims the marketing is according to the requirements.

Earlier this week, the company received sharp criticism from the Norwegian Consumer Council for their ad campaign where they «give» the customers with free airline tickets.

The Norwegian Consumer Council criticizes the marketing mainly because there is not focus on the fact that the customers must pay taxes and duties on the airline tickets given to them.

«We far from agree with the Norwegian Consumer Council,» said Lotta Lindquist-Brosjö, head of Ryanair’s Nordic section, to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen. «In the ad it says that you do not pay for the actual airline ticket, but only the taxes and duties. We do not use the world «free» in connection with the trips, and it says clearly that you have to pay taxes and duties.»

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