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Sale of the emergency contraception sky rocks

The sale of the Morning-After pills in Norway has sky rocked after it became prescription free about three years ago.

As many as 100,000 packages were sold in Norway just last year.

“The further increase of emergency contraception, and then mainly the Morning-After pill, has increased the number of abortions taken by teenage girls since the pills became prescription free,” said Ole Erik Iversen, professor in medicine and chief physician at Kvinneklinikken in Bergen to the paper Dagsavisen.

After the Morning-After pills became prescription free in October 2000, numbers from Statistics Norway indicates that the number of terminated pregnancies have decreased with more than 1000 abortions.

But in spite of 25 years with more advanced contraception methods, the number of aborts in Norway appears to remain stable.

“We must still try to reach the teenage girls,” said Minister of Health Dagfinn Høybråten, to the paper. “Everyone is agreeing that we should have the lowest number of aborts possible.”

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