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SAS Braathens' boss predicts higher prices

Petter Jansen, the new top executive at SAS Braathens, said he thinks the discount fare madness is coming to an end, and the trend will turn.

Jansens statement came as a reaction to Norwegians’ latest offer, airplane tickets costing NOK 198 (USD 30).

«You can choose if you want to use the advertising money on a number of super cheap tickets, like Ryanair among others, do when they fly you to London for NOK 5 (USD 0.72), or on more ordinary advertisements,» Jansen said to the Norwegian paper VG.

Jansen predicts that the low fare madness which has dominated the airline industry the last couple of years will turn.

The SAS Braathens’ top executive said the line has to be drawn somewhere, and that the market once again will ask for service onboard. For the time being, the low fare tickets offer only the trip, not any food or drink onboard the plane.

«But in five or six years they will want the service and they will again by tickets which includes more service onboard,» Jansen predicted.

Norwegians’ new stunt does apparently not frighten the new top executive. He states that the competitor can afford to offer the tickets at such prices because they have much fewer planes and fewer daily departures.

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