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Foto: Håvard Solem, TV 2 Nettavisen

SAS Braathens cuts routes

SAS Braathens is planning to cut several of the newly introduced routes.

According to information provided to Dagens Næringsliv, the company will as early as in the beginning of November cut the routes from Oslo to Geneva and London Gatwick due to big financial losses. The losses are reportedly so large that it would not be financially sound to maintain them.

«I have no comment to this except that we evaluate all our routes at all times,» said Johnny Skoglund, commercial director at SAS Braathens.

Scandinavian Airlines in Denmark will also cut its offers. According to information provided DN, no routes are currently scheduled to be cancelled, but the frequency of flights to cities like Amsterdam and Paris will be reduced because of considerable losses.

The SAS group will present its result for the third quarter Tuesday.

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