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SAS Braathens with new business class

SAS Braathens launches a new business class on its European routes October 31. There will be no physical division between the new Økonomi Flex and ordinary economy class.

The travellers in the new class pay a lower ticket price than those who travel business class, but the class is going to provide an opportunity for effective and flexible travels like the business travellers enjoy.

«Based on data from market surveys, customers can be divided into three groups,» stated Robin Kamark, director of sales at SAS Braathens. «The largest group, that contains about 45 percent of the travellers, is only interested in low prices. Almost as large is the group that wish to travel flexible and effectively, but where price also matters. More than 20 percent of the travellers participating in the survey stated that the price was secondary as long as they could travel effectively and comfortable.»

The business class will remain as before with a separate cabin. They will still receive free service, and the quality of food will be considerable upgraded. As a part of the comfort effort on business class will the middle seat in Boeing 737 planes always be empty.

The Economy Flex passengers will also receive free service, and similar to the business class travellers, they can change their tickets cost free, and can use the same check-in counters, however, they do not have access to the lounge.

There will not be a physical division between Economy Flex and ordinary economy class on board the planes. The different classes will be color coded.

The sister companies Scandinavian Airlines in Sweden and Denmark will also introduce the new class.

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