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SAS closes down Commuter

SAS is going to close down the regional company SAS Commuter, which offers shorter flights on small propeller aircrafts. The service will be integrated in the new SAS group.

The restructuring of the SAS group is resulting in the end of SAS Commuter, according to the industry website Takeoff.nu.

SAS Commuter flies shorter routes with aircrafts which has between 50 and 72 seats.

As of October, Commuter’s services will be integrated in the other SAS companies.

It is the three national companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which is going to take over the Commuter flights after the restructuring.

«In the negotiations with the pilots it was a requirement that the agreement with all the other personnel groups had to be in place before we touched Commuter,» said Sören Belin, SAS manager, to Takeoff. «They are now in place, and we have therefore decided to close down the Commuter department and put it under SAS.»

There will be no lay offs as a result of the Commuter close down, at least not right now. Eventually, workforce reductions may be an issue as the restructuring may create redundancy.

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