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SAS employees refuse to accept pay cuts

Sist oppdatert:
The Danish cabin crews in the SAS refuse to accept to take a pay cut at the same time as the company demands increased productivity. The negotiations have collapsed.

As a result of the collapse, the negotiations will now be moved to Forligsinstitutionen. SAS demands that the salaries are reduced with 20 percent at the same time as the productivity is increased with 30 percent, according to the Danish paper Berlingske Tidende.

«No union in the history of the Danish labor union has ever been presented with demands this extreme,» said Verner Lundtoft Jensen, chief negotiator for the cabin crews, reports TDN Finans. «Those are demands that we do not have the ability to reach even though we are aware that SAS is a company in a crisis. I am not going to sign an agreement which means that my members will be forced to leave their house and home.»

Also the employees at head quarters in SAS refuse the suggested pay cuts.

«We want to help out as much as possible, but this is just crazy,» said Mai-Britt Hoff-Kjeldsen, spokesperson for head quarters employees at SAS.

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