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SAS named as the best European airline

The Danish travel industry has named SAS as the best European travel company, followed by British Airways and KLM.

A total of 3600 travellers and employees in the travel industry were asked to name the best European travel company and, for the second consecutive year, SAS ended at the top of the list.

In the category of best low-fares company Maersk Air won, followed by the SAS’ company Snowflake and Irish Ryanair.

Thai Airways won the class best transcontinental airlines followed by Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines.

My Travel Airways was awarded the prize as the best European charter company, followed by SAS Charter and Maersk Air, while Ving was selected as the best charter travel agency.

The Danish travel industry has also ranked cruise companies, and it places Royal Caribbean on top of its list, followed by Silversea Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

France was selected as the best tourist country in front of Australia and Spain.

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