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SAS records loss in the millions

SAS CEO Jørgen Lindegaard (picture) presents a loss in the millions today, just as predicted, but the result is not worse than what the experts expected.

According to a company statement Tuesday, the result before tax ended at negative SEK 1.58 billion (USD 206.8 million). In advance, the expected result was negative SEK 1.56 billion (USD 204 million), according to estimates collected by SME Direkt.

The result is still an improvement compared to the same period last year when the loss ended at SEK 1.876 billion (USD 245.5 million).

The turnover for this quarter ended at SEK 12.6 billion (USD 165 million). The expected result was SEK 12.8 billion (USD 167 million). Also the turnover was lower than for the same time last year as SAS’ turnover was recorded at SEK 13.7 billion (USD 179 million).

SAS upholds the expectations for future. The main ambition is to deliver a lower positive result before tax and non-recurring costs, according to SAS’ quarterly report.

The group is still counting on an improvement of the business cycle and an increase in the passenger traffic throughout the year.

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