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SAS wants to buy new planes

Only days after the agreements with the 35,000 employees were secured, SAS Chief CEO Jørgen Lindegaard once again launches the plan of buying new regional jet planes.

SAS has for some time had plans of buying new regional jet planes that can carry a total of 100 passengers. The company’s weak economy put the plans on hold, but Lindegaard is now one again blowing dust of the plans.

SAS is going to save large amounts because the 35,000 employees have agreed upon salary freezes or pay cuts and increased work loads.

«It may very well be that this doesn’t take place until 2006, but then I can also guarantee that that I can make a proper investment calculation for the board that points forward,» Lindegaard explained to the Danish paper Børsen.

According to Lindegaard, it is particularly the salary cuts for the newly-hired pilots on regional planes which make it possible to think differently.

«New pilots will be hired at under half of the cost level of the average pilot in the rest of SAS,» said Mogens Holgaard, representative for the Danish pilots.

A new regional jet plane costs about NOK 150 million (USD 21.7 million). Lindegaard did not want to reveal how many plans he wants to buy.

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