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«Scare bear» in the Wild

Are you looking for a summer job? Are you fearless with a fearful voice? Get hired as a «scare bear» in Pasvik in Northern Norway

According to the Norwegian television channel NRK Finnmark, the local authorities in southern Varanger are now looking for a person who can scare the bears away.

«Two bears were killed last year for approaching people,» said Jostein Kongsvik, wildlife manager southern Varanger. «This summer we hope to prevent a similar situation.»

Must scare away females
She-bears with children are the most aggressive ones, so if you’re feeling the call of the wild, that is as a «scare bear» in Finnmark, you must be able to scare mothers – and not be bugged by mosquitoes.

The scare tactics are not yet defined, but we’re imagining big wigs, ferocious singing and jingle bells around the feet¿ Let your imagination run free.

Next Wednesday farmers, police, hunters and fishermen will meet to discuss the methods that are to be used for this hazardous assignment, and to find out who should be in charge of the project and how it should be carry it out.

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