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School wants to ban sex bracelets

Foto: Morten Wanvik, Bergensavisen
Brattholmen school at Sotra, western Norway, wants to ban plastic bracelets. The reason is that the bracelets’ colors are allegedly representing sex codes.

Special codes have allegedly been developed at several elementary and junior high schools in Bergen to identify the meaning of the different colors and what the students wearing them are signalizing, according to the local paper Bergensavisen.

Sex talk
At Brattholmen school at Sotra the colored plastic bracelets have allegedly contributed to uneasiness and sex talk among the students. The principal at the elementary school is now refusing students to wear the bracelets at school.

The colors symbolize different sexual activities and they can mean everything from kissing and hugging to oral sex and intercourse. According to the local papers, the bracelets have been very popular among the elementary and junior high students.

Letters sent to parents
Parents who have children attending Brattholmen school will receive letters in the mail where they are asked to send their children to school without bracelets.

«We have gotten indications about sex and sexual behavior which have no place at an elementary school,» said Arne Bjorøy, principal at Brattholmen, to the paper. «The students did not really want to tell us the exact meanings of the different colors, but we understand as much as they are not just innocent.»

According to the paper, the codes are as following:

Yellow: intercourse, French kissing
Blue: oral sex
Red: physical contact
White: friendship
Green: give a flower
Pink: give a hug

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