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Scot banned from playing bagpipes

Foto: Marte Aarthun/TV 2 Nettavisen
Sist oppdatert:
Calum "Spud" Fraser was thrown out on the street by doormen as he turned up at pub The Scotsman in Oslo. "I have never experienced anything like it", said the Scot who was in Oslo to watch the football match between Norway and Scotland.

All he wanted was to help lift the spirits for a group of Scots who were enjoying their pints at pub "The Scotsman" in central Oslo.

"But as I pulled the pipes put and played a few tunes I was forced to leave tie pub", said Fraser, who is a professional bagpipes player.

Fraser has travelled the world with his bagpipes but has never received as bad a welcoming as he did in Oslo. "Wherever I go, people love my music. Norwegians are the only ones not to appreciate the Scottish tunes.

I was happy when I discovered the Scottish pub in Oslo but I have never been welcomed in such a poor way", he said. Spud went to Norway to watch the football match between Norway and Scotland and was planning to stay for a week. Now he considers an early return, as his impression is that Norwegians completely lack manners.

The owners of the Scotsman pub deny having bad manners: "We did not mean to be rude to the Scot. We have nothing against bagpipes but this night we had hired other musicians", they said.

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