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Sea salmon fishers may get paid to stop fishing

Salmon caught in a river is more worth than salmon caught at sea; therefore, river owners at Gaula, Orkla and Stjørdalselva want to offer the sea fishers money to stop fishing.

An agreement regarding stopping to fishing salmon at sea may be in place as soon as next year, according to the Norwegian paper Adresseavisa. River owners and salmon sea fishers are currently negotiating regarding renting rights of the Trondheim fjord, in mid Norway, for the next five years.

The background for the river owners’ offer is that researchers claim that a stop of sea salmon fishing in the Trondheim fjord may increase the fishing in the rivers with as much as 15 ton annually, and if there is more salmon in the rivers, this will improve the stock in the long run.

According to the paper, it is still unknown how many sea fishers who are interested in an agreement like this, and they have as of yet not gotten a concrete offer of compensation for not using their fishing rights.

The agreement that they are trying to institute in the Trondheim fjord is not unique. At Nordfjord, there is currently a similar agreement in place. Here the river owners pay NOK 60 (USD 5.69) per kilo to the sea salmon fishers in order for them not to put out their fishing nets.

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