Secret network formed to fight EU membership

Foto: (Foto: Berit Almendingen/TV 2 Nettavisen)

The Christian Democrat’s parliamentary leader Jon Lilletun is attending secret meetings with leading figures in the Socialist Left Party (SV) and the Agricultural Party (Sp) in order to build a network against EU membership.

Sp leader Åslaug Haga said she took the initiative to organize meetings on a regular basis for the parties against European Union membership, Sp, SV and KrF.

«We are also working to establish a forum with people from the labor unions, the agricultural and fishing industry and the political parties,» Haga said. «This is the starting-up phase and the contacts have been on an informal basis so far.»

Haga said she thinks it is good that both the Conservatives and the Labor Party have focused more on EU in the political debate and signalized a wish to have a new referendum.

Lilletun confirmed that there have been meetings between the three parties against membership.

«It is informal contact so far,» Lilletun said. «It is logical that the parties against membership work together. Based on the fact that it appears as if the parties for membership have decided to focus on this issue, this work has to become more intense.»

When asked how long the party can participate in the network without reaching the point where the party should leave the government, Lilletun said that is a question which is just as natural to ask as to ask when the Conservative party is going to announce the time for a new referendum.

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