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Security was locked up with a bomb

Two robbers locked up the two security guards at a Swedish bank with a bomb in the bank’s vault for four hours, while the robbers disappeared with an undisclosed amount.

The two robbers dressed in black carried out the brutal robbery of the bank in Bålsta, west of the capital, in the matter of minutes Sunday evening.

The two security guards at the SE bank were attacked just before 8 p.m. as people were doing their Christmas shopping. The bank is located 100 meters from a police station, but the robbers still managed to disappear.

Locked up with a bomb

The two robbers forced the security guards into the bank vault and locked the lattice, whereupon one of the robbers attached a bomb to it, according to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

According to a witness, the entire robbery took only two minutes.

However, it took much longer than that to free the two security guards. The police closed off a large area and brought in bomb experts, but it took several hours before they arrived. An ambulance chopper landed close by and several fire trucks were called in.

Four long hours

The security guards were locked up with the bomb for four hours. The police did not manage to get them out until midnight, when they climbed through a window in the bank. Shortly thereafter, the bomb technicians detonated the bomb.

The two robbers, who were both wearing black and had motorcycle helmets on, disappeared on a motorcycle with an undisclosed amount. The bike was later found abandoned outside the town.

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