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Several bids for Carew

Foto: Juan Carlos Cardenas (EPA)
"John Carew could be sold as early as Friday", says Valencia president Jaime Orti. The club has received several bids for the Norwegian player.

On Thursday Valencia called for an emergency meeting. John Carew was present and during the 45 minutes long meeting Carew is said to have been informed about his future in the club. When the meeting was over, president Jaime Orti confirmed that the Norwegian is finished in the club.

"Yes. If we wan arrange a transfer. We have several offers, from Roma amongst others", Orti said, adding:

"Carew could be sold as early as Friday."

Earlier this week Valencia coach Rafael Benitez took Carew to the side and told him face to face that he was not part of the club's plans for the future.

Even though other players received the same message, Spanish Valencia experts said they thought the message was the final nail in the coffin for Carew in Valencia.

On Thursday the president confirmed the message.

Valencia is in a hurry, though. The deadline for transfers is on Friday and Carew needs to be sold before then if he is to change clubs before the New Year.

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