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Sex shop wants to buy royal domain name

Foto: (Scanpix)

An Internet site selling sex toys wants to buy the domain name maud-angelica.no. Maud Angelica is the newborn daughter of the Norwegian Princess.

13.08.03 13:33

An anonymous person registered the domain name planning to use it himself but now needs money and has put the domain name on the market.

The domain name maud-angelica.no is for sale at a minimum price of NOK 25.000 and two bidders have put in offers. One is the a company selling children's clothes and one is a company selling sex toys to adults.

Offered 15.000

Nordic Hosting, who is selling the domain name on behalf of the anonymous customer, has been instructed by the seller not to sell the name to 'just anyone' and selling to the sex shop is therefore out of the question.

«We do have some moral guidelines», said Dan Femoen at Nordic Hosting.

The sex shop and the children's clothes company were both bidding for the name up to NOK 15.000. At that point the sex shop stopped bidding.

It is not yet clear whether the children's clothes company will get the name as the seller wants at least NOK 25.000 for it.

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