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Shell reported for oil spill

Foto: (Shell)

The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) has reported Norske Shell for oil spillage from the Draugen field in the Norse Sea.

SFT states that the spill was discovered by chance. Furthermore, the agency has reported the Norwegian oil company for doing little to reduce the damage the spillage can inflict on the environment.

Third largest

According to SFT, the spill, which involves between 500 and 800 cubic metre oil, has been classified as the third largest spillage recorded in the petroleum industry. According to a SFT press release, Norske Shell only managed to collect 180 cubic metre of spilled oil.

SFT has filed complaints on Norske Shell ASA because failures in control routines have been located, and the agency claims the spillage was only discovered by chance.

The spillage of crude oil was due to a leak from a connection on a subsea installation three kilometres from the Draugen platform.

The Draugen field is located in the Norse Sea, 145 kilometres from Kristiansund, Norway. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Kystverket and SFT have investigated the spillage.

No damage registered

In addition, SFT has reported Norske Shell for smaller spillage at the Draugen field in January, estimated to be approximately 13-62 cubic meter oil.

The coastal area most likely to be effect has been under surveillance, but no oil has reached land, and there has not been registered a damage on birds or fish.

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