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Shila's father despaired by the police

Farhad Bigdely, the father of the killed 13-year-old girl, Shila, is frustrated with Spanish police and the way they conduct the investigation. He has asked Norwegian police for help.

One of the judges leading the investigation has ruled that no information will be released in this case, and the family of the killed girl will not get any more information than the general public.

According to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB), Farhad Bigdely is particularly upset because the barriers around the scene of the crime were removed after only half a day. He stated that it seemed to him as the investigation is conducted on random and that the police would prefer that he did not discuss the murder.

«I hope Norwegian police may assist in the case,» Bigdely said to the Norwegian paper VG. «I am not pleased with the police here.»

A post mortem examination of the daughter has been conducted, but the result has not been released.

The picturesque Spanish town of Playa Flamenca on the Mediterranean coast is in shock after the 13-year-old girl was found killed in a grove by her home.

Spanish police are allegedly working with the theory that the person or persons who killed the 13-year-old girl lives in the area, and it may even be someone she knew.

According to the Spanish paper Información, it is a fact that the girl was abducted and killed only 200 meters from her home and close to the buss stop where she normally got on the school bus, and this may mean that the perpetrator had followed her for some time to become familiar with her routines.

Like the girl’s parents, the neighbours are upset that they have not heard anything from the police regarding the investigation, and that they have not been questioned.

«We live right next to where she was found, but the police still haven’t been to our door,» said a female British neighbour to NTB. «We think it’s scandalous that the police are not interested to find out if anyone has seen anything.»

Several neighbours have stated that they have seen a suspicious man walking around in the neighbourhood, but the police have not taken their statements.

The police do not want to comment the case in any way.

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