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Ship at distress after massive wave

The Norwegian standby ship, Ocean Sky, was at the mercy of the raging sea after a massive wave shattered the glass window on the bridge, and the water destroyed the electronic equipment around 3 a.m. last night.

Ocean Sky lost part of its ability to maneuver and is now taken to habor at Kristiansund by the standby ship at the Heidrun field, Scandi Stord. Ocean Sky’s crew is doing fine in spite of the night’s drama.

10 meter waves

The incident occurred on Ocean Sky, the standby ship at the Draugen field in the North Sea, around 3 a.m. last night. There was a hurricane blowing in the area with gusts of wind up to 80 knots, and 10 meter waves, according to Alf Kristian Lillebo, head of information at Norske Shell, the company operating the Draugen field.

Ocean Sky lost parts of its ability to maneuver and all communications equipment when a massive wave shattered a glass window and water poured everywhere. The crew managed to communicate by emergency equipment.

“The crew managed to switch over to the emergency system, but lost part of the maneuver abilities,” stated Karstein Høyland at Sartor Shipping, the company that owns the ship. “The crew did a good job to get control over the situation, and they managed to board up the window. The waves were about 10 meters high, but the crew is used to such conditions. However, all the same, this was not a pleasant experience.”

The ship is expected to reach harbor this evening.

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