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Short people will be accepted to the police academy

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Now even if you are short you can become a police officer. As of now, everyone who applies to the Norwegian police academy will be considered regardless of their height.

For many years the police academy received complaints from applicants who did not get into school because of their height. But as of now, even short people who want to become a police officers may have a chance, according to the newspaper Dagsavisen.

“The height requirement has not been an official requirement in the student booklet, but many of the applicants were not invited to take the tests because of their height,” said Hans Petter Horne at Politihøgskolen at Majorstua to the paper.

Until 2001 the height requirement at the Politihøgskolen for female applicants was at least 1.65 meters, and for male applicants at least 1.75 meters. In 2001 and 2002 the requirements were lowered, and as of this year the requirement has been removed.

“Some branches said they would not use short police offices for example on missions where they are going to arrest people, due to their own safety, but in some situations, being short can be a strength,” Horne said to Dagsavisen.

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