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Single gay TV star to be a father

Arve Juritzen, a Norwegian television star, is an expectant father and if everything goes well his baby will be born in April.

08.12.03 13:51

The Norwegian television star has said very little about his new role as expectant father.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” stated Juritzen to the Norwegian paper VG, through his personal secretary and assistant Reidunn Glans.

According to Glans, the reason why Juritzen does not want to comment his role as a father further is because it is still early in the pregnancy.

Glans said to the paper that Juritzen, who came out of the closet several years ago, is for the time being is single. For several years, Juritzen was dating Tore Vik, a work-out instructor. The two of them eventually got engaged, but they broke up last year, and the engagement was called off.

Glans stated that they are fully aware that there will be a wave of rumours since Juritzen is saying so little about his new role as an expectant father. However, Glans said that Juritzen regardless does not want to comment the case further.

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