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Sissel sings in LOTR Symphony

Norwegian songbird Sissel Kyrkjebø will be singing in «The Lord of the Rings Symphony» and contribute songs on the extended DVD version of the last movie.

According to the Norwegian paper VG, the well-known artist from Bergen has signed a contract with Howard Shore, the man who composed the music to Peter Jackson’s «The Lord of the Rings» trilogy.

Last weekend, Kyrkjebø participated in «The Lord of the Rings Symphony» in Ohio along with the prestigious Columbus Symphony Orchestra. The symphony consists of a collection of songs from the three movies, and Kyrkjebø sang among others «Gollum’s song.»

On tour
In connection with the concerts, material is also being recorded for the extended DVD version of «The Return of the King,» and Kyrkjebø is participating here too.

The performance is going on tour, and Sydney, Tokyo, Atlanta and New York City are among the cities on the tour program.

Kyrkjebø is one of the artists who was handpicked to participate, but according to VG, she may not have the opportunity to attend the entire tour.

«We don’t know if Sissel will have time to perform at all of the shows, but we hope she will be able to attend a number of them,» said Arne Svare, Kyrkjebø’s manager to the paper.


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