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Smiley-face ranking of restaurants proposed

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is considering a practice where the ranking of the authority’s controls is placed on the establishment’s door.

Restaurants, bars, and grocery stores are ranked with different smileys from happy to unhappy in Denmark. If the business receives an unhappy smiley, it will be very unhappy indeed because it is accompanied with a fine, police report or withdrawal of a permit.

The Norwegian Consumer Council is in favour of having a ranking instituted in Norway as well as it will make it easy for consumers to see how good or bad the business is at complying with the laws, reported the website forbrukeportalen.no.

«The Norwegian Consumer Council is positive to have something like the Smiley method established in Norway in due time, like the one that exist in Denmark,» said Stine Wohl Sem at the Norwegian Consumer Council, to the website. «We claim that this will create access and openness connected to inspections of restaurants and stores by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.»

The Norwegian Consumer Council has just sent the Norwegian Food Safety Authority its views of the Danish evaluation method.

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