Smokers can not be thrown out

Foto: (Foto: Thomas Bjørnflaten/Scanpix)

The employees of establishments affected by the anti-smoking law can not throw out people who smoke when the new law takes effect June 1.

It is Norway’s restaurants and bars that are responsible to ensure that smokers follow the new law, but according to a letter from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority, the establishments have no authority to carry out the law.

Employees have no authority to remove people who smoke, only urge them to put it out, because, according to Norwegian law, only the police have the right to evict people.

«We have gotten an unsolvable problem, and the reason is that in this strange law it is not the person who breaches the law who is going to be punished, but the person who owns the establishment,» said Christian Aubert, manager in the organization Bedre uteliv, to the Norwegian television channel NRK.

The organization claims the law is unfair and must be improved.

«It is the same thing as if the authorities would get the speeding tickets in stead of the driver who drives too fast,» Aubert said.

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