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Smoking traveller held on for his dear life

A male passenger was hanging on to outside of the Intercity train with all his might for 20 minutes as the train was travelling at high speed towards Gothenburg, Sweden.

The passenger wanted to take a smoke when the train from Stockholm stopped at Hallsberg, but his smoking break was too long. When the train pulled out of the station, the man ran after, threw himself onto the train and was hanging on to the outside the train for 20 minutes, reported the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

Missed the train
The man was travelling with his daughter on the Intercity train which departed from Stockholm shortly after noon Monday. At 2:30 p.m. the train stopped at Hallsberg. The man used the opportunity to take a smoke on the platform, however, before he had finished his cigarette the train pulled out.

Emergency brake
«He did the unwise thing to jump on and was hanging on at the last cart,» said Magnus Andersson, media contact at Svenska Jernvägar, to the paper. «He managed to hang on for 15 to 20 minutes. When the train personnel discovered this, they pulled the emergency brake and got him inside.»

Wanted her daddy
According to the paper, it was the man’s 9-year-old daughter who made the train personnel aware of the situation when she asked for her father.

«A girl between nine or ten started to talk to the conductor,» explained Stina Abrahamsson, age 23, to the paper. «She asked for her daddy, but the conductor said that if anyone was stupid enough to step of the train had himself to blame.»

However, the man hanging on for his dear life happened to have his cell phone and he managed to contact the train personnel.

«This is highly dangerous. This trains reach a speed of 160 kilo meters per hour,» Andersson said.

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