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Snake hid in swimmer's trunks

Sist oppdatert:
Geir Røstad had several times seen snakes swim in the local swimming lake, but he has now been in close contact with one, as one tried to hide in his swimming trunks.

«There were many people here the day it occurred,» Røstad said to the local paper Agderposten. «I think the snake became frightened and hid the nearest hiding place it found.»

It was during one of the nice days last week that Røstad got an uninvited guest in his swimming trunks. Many people living at Birkeland had travelled to Barse to go swimming. Suddenly, Røstad felt something come into his swimming trunks. First he thought it was a piece of rush that had floated into his shorts, but when he was going to remove it, he discovered that it was definitely alive.

«As I said, I thought it was rush, but when I got my hands on it, it was not at all particularly dead,» Røstad explained to the paper. «It was definitely not easy to get it out of my pants.»

For nearly 30 seconds, Røstad struggled with the snake to get it to leave his swimming trunks. During this time several of the other swimmers had discovered what he had in his pants and got out of the water. When he finally managed to get the snake out of his pants, it swam off into the rush and disappeared.

Røstad said that he is not sure what kind of snake that hid in his pants. It was black and almost one meter long. It had no markings on its back. Røstad said he thought it was a grass-snake and not a viper, but he is not entirely sure.

The fact that a snake went into hiding in his blue swimming trunks has not prevented him from going swimming again at Barse at Birkeland.

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