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Snoring children perform poorer in school

If your child snores there is a risk that the he og she will not do as well as expected in school, actually maybe as much as two to four times as less likely to succeed in school compared to other non-snoring children.

A German survey indicates that students who snore to the degree that it leads to a lack of oxygen have three to four times greater chance to perform poorer in math, science and grammar as students who do not snore, according to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen.

Children who snore more regularly, and who do not experience lack of oxygen, perform two to three times poorer in these subjects than students who do not snore.

“It has not so much to do with severe snoring, as it has to do with the fact that oxygen does not get a clear passage to the mouth and to the lungs, and sleep is disturbed,” Dr. Christian F. Poets at the university hospital in Tübingen told Norwegian daily Dagsavisen.

If you have a snoring child, do not panic. Snoring can be cured.

“Parents who have children who snore regularly should see to that they are checked by a doctor to determine if there is a need to operate,” said Poets.


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